The first time I’ve felt this much happiness

Under alla år Antonette spelat padel har hon aldrig känt en lika stark glädje som hon gjorde i söndags på Padel Crew i Göteborg. Här försöker hon förklara varför.

Hello Padel Sweden!  It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. Been busy but now I need to take the time to sit and reflect because as they say back in my home country the US, I now “have something worth writing home about”.

This weekend the Swedish National Championships 2019 were held at my home courts away from home, Padel Crew Helsingborg. Padel Crew is awesome as it is but every time I visit, it amazes me to see how they are constantly making additions and improvements. Congrats to them together with the Swedish Padel Federation for a great event! And thanks to all the hard-working umpires, friendly volunteers and Padelstreamer for being the icing on the cake.    

Before I go into what a wonderful weekend I had and why it was so wonderful, I’d like to point out that there were three important things missing… Sofia Arvidsson, Anna Svedenhov and Alexandra Andersson. Sofia and Anna didn’t get the chance to defend their title as champions due to Anna’s knee injury. Barre and I would have loved a great fight against the two… And then there’s my daughter Alex who is also struggling with a knee injury. I’ve been longing to see her out there swinging her flawless bandejas and showing her impeccable touch amongst the boom of talented teenage girls #teaandclara #superduperlobs #keepitup, but I guess good things come to those who wait… #patienceisavirtue 

Ska Rmavbild 2019 09 03 Kl 095447Three goldmedals and two silvermedals in five years for Antonette Andersson.

Now onto the positive side… Someone pointed out to me, that I’ve attained two silver medals and three gold medals from the five championships that have been held in Sweden. I’ve never been good at numbers, ask my padel friends #whatsthescore? or even my husband #howmuchdidthatcost? So, I was actually never counting, but it’s pretty cool to have that record. 

 If we’re talking feelings and not numbers, I’d have to say the highlight of the weekend was the couple of minutes after we won the gold. After Barre and I win our final match point, scream and embrace each other in one of the most dramatic ways #hehe, I step off the court and sit down shaking with a feeling of fatigue, excitement, relief and most of all happiness. Johan Håkansson starts interviewing us and I look over at Barre and see she is feeling exactly the same way. That’s when I start feeling tears of joy pushing their way out… So, I say to myself “don’t be silly, it’s just padel” and manage to keep them in. 

Ska Rmavbild 2019 09 03 Kl 095542Oh, happiness! "It´s the first time I´ve felt this much happiness".

Maybe it is silly, but it’s the first time I’ve felt this much happiness in padel and padel is pretty d*mn fun. Maybe it’s because this sport just seems to get more and more lovable. Maybe it’s my “mature” age that makes me strive to enjoy things to its fullest… Maybe it’s because I bounced from partner to partner the past couple years and never found continuity… Maybe because I feel genuine heartfelt support from family and friends… Maybe it’s because Barre and I have crazy good chemistry… Maybe it’s because I’ve worked so hard to improve and it actually feels like I have… Maybe it’s because together we proved that our previous performances at the WPT Vilshärad and SPT Växjö weren’t just strokes of luck… 


Regardless, I experienced yet another amazing padel weekend that will be hard to forget. Looking onward, I have several things on my mind.  

Firstly, National Team selection for the European Championships — these international championships have always been the highlight of every year from me. So, I’m ready to represent if I get the chance.

 Secondly, more matches with Barre — there’s a lot to say about this girl but I will keep it short for your sake and especially so that it doesn’t all go to her head ;). When I first met her, I was impressed with her energy, ambition and will to learn. We became friends in Paraguay and now we are having a blast together not just as friends but also as a team. She brings out the best of me and I think I bring out the best of her. 

Thirdly, baskets and baskets of balls — I need to practice so I can learn more new tricks! #olddog #newtricks



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