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Greetings from Amsterdam

Remember a couple weeks ago, I went from tank-top to wool socks in just one day… #portugaltosweden Here’s another contrast for you — a Sunday evening stroll in the Red Light District with whiffs of “coffee shops” invading my private air space in Amsterdam to a Monday night developmental talk in the library with my daughter’s high school mentor #amsterdamcitytothegothenburgsuburbs

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Antonette in action in Amsterdam.


It has been a busy November with the European Championships, Swedish Masters and La Playa FIP500, all within three weeks. I am ever grateful to my sponsors for making it possible for me to make such trips and most importantly to my little family that lets me off the hook to go do these things — for always wishing me luck as I walk out the door and for never failing to welcome me with open arms when I come back. They are truly the best and I'm looking forward to a nice padel-calm #noticeididnotsaypadelfree holiday season with them…  


While I'm at it, I would also like to thank Marcel Bogaart’s La Playa for hosting a great event this weekend. When newly found padel friend Kristina Clement from France asked me to play with her, there wasn't much to consider. We had only met a couple times before, but we clicked well, it's only a short KLM flight away and I had fond memories of La Playa which held the European Championships 2015 #justmissedthechocolatechipmuffins. Marcel and crew kept all the practicalities in line — friendly transfer drivers, 4-star hotel, practice courts, World of Padel and Padel Magazine reporting live — but they also made sure that all the players felt at home — cute goody bags, hot dishes served daily at the restaurant, pinball machine competition (check my Instagram anto padel to see our pinball skills #orlackof), a subtile scent of coconut upon entering the center, mini fire places, padel racket ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree, colourful spotlights and the constant buzz of latin-inspired music in the back-ground. Hopefully, this won't be the last time I make it this cozy spot tucked away in little Rijswijk.

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 Antonette played with Kristina Clement from France.


As far as padel goes, as always, it was exciting to meet, watch and go against international players. Padel is growing very quickly in Sweden but there are still too few elite ladies, so, just as the European Championships, it was a refreshing experience for me. Kristina and I lost in the semis to a couple of young and talented Spaniards quite easily. We came up with what seemed to be a good game plan and shook them up for a couple games in the second set, but that was about it… After that the teens were unfortunately able to move on quite painlessly. But hey, every experience is a learning experience and although they are less than half my age I'm actually the padel baby in comparison to them #thanksforthelesson

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It was also fun playing with and sharing experiences with Nox teammate Kristina Clement. I enjoyed the high fives, intense looks and charming “allez allez!” from her. We seemed to compliment each other well on the court, but of course we almost ran into each other a couple of times but that’s nothing unusual for a first tournament together. We have to find our rhythm and I hope to get the chance to do so again in 2018. 


Skaermavbild 2017 12 04 Kl 230737 

La Playa in Amsterdam.


So, yet another fun padel month has soon passed and I still haven't had time to really put down the things I’ve learned although I most definitely have a list of things I still need to learn. Maybe I can save it for my New Year’s Resolutions List… 


Next up — family time and in two weeks “just” a quick peek at the WPT Masters in Madrid #padelparty #seeyouthere?





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