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Words of wisdom for 2018

So now, it is time for a brand-spanking new year...

And I hope the previous one has brought you all a lot of cheer.

Padel 2017 decided to give me quite more ups than downs…

Even though I didn't bring home any Swedish Championship crowns.

The adventures of padel year 2018, I wait for in eager anticipation...

Looking forward to even more grinding, sweat, lessons, laughs and inspiration.


We’re into the second week of January and the first days of the year blasted off with non-stop padel mania. Everyone was on holiday from school and work and if I wasn’t asked to play a friendly match with counter-parts, I was asked to lead family padel or give a private lesson. I also managed to give a day of clinics out of town. I couldn’t say no to any of it, because we all know it’s just too much fun. #padeljunkie #justsayyestopadel


The year 2018 marks the year of my official employment at home club Padel Center Göteborg.

So, it is safe to say that after 4 years I’ve finally got what I wanted — to work with something totally different, something fun and exciting, something that keeps me and my family healthy and happy and is only several kilometers from my house. The minute I visited the newly opened center in 2014,

I started hanging around like a hungry dog panting and drooling over some left-overs. Well, they finally threw this little dog a bone. Living and breathing padel is not such a bad thing whether it be for my own game, my daughters’ development, keeping the ladies and juniors going, teamwork with my padel/life partner #itainteasy, constantly meeting and helping all types of padel fanatics… As Johan Håkansson points out — who knows what’s going to happen in 2018? Anything and everything can happen and I’m so excited to be a part of it, no matter how tiny a part it may be. 


Favorite words of wisdom to keep in mind for 2018      

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Don’t go for risky shots if you're not in the right position…

“Keep it simple”

 - Daniel Dios

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If you’re trapped in the corner…

 “Stay calm, defend and wait for the right moment to take the net”

 - Joel Christensen

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When nervous and just can’t manage to play your game, don’t forget to breath… 

 “I want to hear you breath”

 - Gabo Loredo

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 Just because you’re the calm and collected forehand player, it doesn’t mean you can’t be aggressive…

 “Sometimes you just gotta schwiiiiing it”

 - Richard Brooks

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 As stepping onto the court, think…

 “Focus. From the start”

 - Dan Andersson #mypartnerincrime





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