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Press the “tough love” button again

OK let us reeeeeeeewind. Another padel month is flying by so here goes some speed-blogging… 

April 15th 

Teamed up with Sofia Arvidsson at the Sport Center Syd Open and won the tournament after a tough final against Anna Svedenhov and her partner Noelia Lopez from Palma Padel. Thanks to Anna and Sofia’s temporary split-up, the final turned out to be an exciting 3-setter where we all had to put up a fight and were pushed to our limits. Longing for more of these types of matches… #adrenalinekick 

April 21st

My home club Padel Center Göteborg held the first tournament for the Västsvenska Padel Tour (a regional padel tour for Western Sweden). The tour is not based on national ranking points which opens up opportunities for good competition for all players — both experienced and inexperienced. It seemed to be an appreciated event and I was impressed with the level of some of the ladies that entered. Next tournament will be at Optimized Padel Center in Varberg on May 26th. 

April 28th - May 6th

For the third time in a row, I was involved in Camp Padel in Gandia, Spain — this time as administrator, trainer, as well as trainee which made for an intense, but fun mix of sun, mingle, work, family and training. The 29 participants came from different regions of Sweden (also some from Scotland) ranging from Malmö to Stockholm, playing levels ranging from beginner to competitive, ages ranging from 25 to 60 years of age and also backgrounds ranging from lawyers and firemen to professional gamers. It was fun to see that despite these differences, everyone enjoyed each other’s company and had a lot of laughs and quite a few started new friendships with plans of reconnecting after the camp #bromances. It was an amazing group of “padelholics” and I’m looking forward to seeing them again on and/or off court. 

 Skaermavbild 2018 05 13 Kl 120620Camp Padel gang Photo: Adolf Boluda

 Skaermavbild 2018 05 13 Kl 120628Camp Padel — break between groups Photo: Adolf Boluda

May 6th

Unfortunately, I got home from Gandia too late, so I missed this year’s second National Team Training which was a bit more special than any other one for me since my daughter Alexandra was invited for the first time. I would have loved walking in with her as the proud and nerdy padel mom. She was nervous going in but after the long day of training she was very happy with the way she played and felt inspired after receiving tips and feedback from the coaches. Coaches, sorry I couldn’t make it, but I promise I worked hard in Gandia with Nox friend Kristina Clement and Alicante mentor Richard Brooks!

May 8th

In case you didn't know, after 4 years as Team Andersson, my husband and I just recently decided to go our separate ways for local league matches #stillhappilymarriedoffcourt. This Tuesday, I played the final match of the first round with my new partner Stefan Nilsson #golf #tabletennis #padel #rawtalent. We won and ended up as the Elite Division Champs. Of course, playing with one of the best players in Gothenburg is a treat, but it should also help develop my game. For one thing, I can dare to practice shots I normally don’t hit and I will also be pushed since opponents will most likely play 90% of their shots on me. #nopainnogain   

 Skaermavbild 2018 05 13 Kl 120636With former and current league partners

 Next up… May 19th

I will be travelling to Stockholm for the next SPT — Ryska Posten Open. I managed to convince Kristina Clement to leave French padel for a weekend and help me out. Unfortunately, we got my daughter and her partner Mari in the first round #yesagain. So, I guess mom and daughter will just have to press the “tough love” button again (might be my imagination but sometimes it feels like she’s trying to behead me with her vibora)…

Kristina and I played one FIP tournament together in Holland and we got the chance to train together during our week in Gandia so we’re feeling in sync and are hoping to get a chance to challenge champs Sofia and Anna. Regardless, it will be a fun padel weekend especially considering the men’s roster with many big names. Will you come by and cheer us on?

 Skaermavbild 2018 05 13 Kl 120645At beachbar with Kristina in Gandia



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