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A highlight to my padel year

Camp Padel

October has been a very busy padel month for me. It started off with a fun-filled week at Camp Padel. This was the second installment of the recently started camp and it was as successful as the first. I spent five days working on my own game, helping others with theirs and hanging on the beach with other padel fanatics. It was the perfect combination of practice, work, social time and vacation vibes — a routine I don’t mind implementing into my Spring and Fall calendars. The next camp will most likely take place the first week of May 2018. Hope you can join us! Check my antopadel instagram account for a quick peek at this month’s camp or even my post about last Spring’s camp 



Training Day with National Team Captain

The day after I got back from my week in Spain, was training day with one of our National Team Captains, Gabo Laredo. This time there were only seven of us girls which was quite a luxury since we got extra attention from our captain. We worked on concepts such as placement and approaching the net by other means than a lob. Gabo had some of us girls scratching our heads in wonder and some of us yelling in frustration. Apparently, we were pretty calm compared to the men that had their turn the day before — one of them had left a racket in pieces #padelrage #padelpassion


European Championships

On the following Wednesday, the official National Team for the European Championships was announced. Yes! I made the list. Championships such as these and the World Championships are always a highlight to my padel year, not only because I get to represent one of my home countries, but also because we all get to play together as a team #throwback #collegedays Key players Billie Gajic and Ebba Stedt won’t be able to make it this year which will definitely affect our roster. However, if I compare the team we have this year, to the team we had at the last European Championships, we have just as strong a team and actually a lot more depth. Another note to be taken is that Spain will be attending this year. So, as we did at the World Championships, we may get another chance to experience the padel queens up and close #aycaramba


Swedish Championships

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Prize Ceremony at Swedish Championships.


Next up was the Swedish Championships where my new partner Ebba and I took the silver — not bad for a newly wed padel couple ;). The final went by more quickly and the duels between us were much shorter than I would have wanted, but we actually played a better match than the last time we went up against team Svedenhov/Arvidsson #progress Although I would have wished for the gold medal or even a finals match overflowing with sweat and adrenaline, I still left the beautiful Halmstad Padel Center with a positive spirit.

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Another reason to love Halmstad Padel Center — finding an over-sized photo of yourself hanging on the wall #awkwardbutnice #egoboost


Just as last year’s event, this year’s was also a family affair for me. It’s always great having family around during these weekends and it’s a bonus when they have a good time as well. My husband with partner took the bronze in the Men’s 45+ Category after losing a very close semifinals to the champions. In addition, my daughter with partner got the quarters of the women’s draw where they almost managed to take a set from national team players who ended up taking the bronze #future #theyarejustgettingstarted


Throughout the tournament I felt torn when watching the men’s matches — there are so many great players and personalities, but this time there was a very evident battle going on between generations. I was pulling for the long-time favorites, but also for the new and fresh faces. Two younger teams ended up with the gold and silver medals. Regardless of whether the new faces dominate the scene, or if they force the rest to rise to the occasion, it is a huge lift for men’s padel and very exciting to witness live.  


Last Week’s Press Release

To my international friends whom may not have heard, a “very important” announcement was made last week. Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be opening his own chain of padel centers which will be called Padel Zenters. So, I think it is now safe to say that padel is Sweden’s “IT” sport. Congratulations padel! Zlatan loves you too! #padelexplosion #zuperawezome


Next Up…

There are less than three weeks left before I leave for the European Championships in Portugal, so my focus will be on keeping myself as strong and healthy as possible, and drilling my offensive game. I’ll try to keep you updated, but until then please send any and all positive padel vibes our way!





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