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My partner this time: Ms Guns herself

Spring has sprung as they say. The sun has been shining a little more often and there’s a faint sound of birds chirping in the air. Yes, I like mentioning the weather a lot, but it’s only because it has major effects on the mental health of Swedish people #funnybutactuallynojoke. 


So, this past Sunday was the third Sunday in row for me to end up at Padel Crew Helsingborg. Didn’t mind it at all despite the two-hour drive.  This particular visit was for the first National Team Training of the year. These meetings are always a treat. I get to meet new and aspiring players and reunite with teammates and coaches. Since I spend a great deal of my time trying to help others with their game, I was anxious to hear what the coaches had to say about mine…


Actually, I didn’t get too much individual feedback. This could be a sign that the coaches 1) think that I know what I’m doing #seriouslydoubtthat, 2) think that I know what I need to work on, or 3) simply don’t think they can teach an old dog new tricks #hehe. Regardless, I always welcome feedback and these were the tips I got — dare to go for heavier volleys, do not sneak forward out of the defensive position too early #hopemystudentsarenotreadingthis, and think about running around backhand and using forehand instead when receiving a high shot in the middle of the court.

 As for general tips:

🎾 Do not leave your corner unguarded and stay in position in order to cover the most difficult angles and bounces. 

🎾 When at the net, remember the three important spots to place the ball in order to create gaps — left corner, middle, right corner.

🎾 The goal for the team at the net is to keep themselves comfortable. Pressure the players in the defensive position in order to keep the offensive position at the net.

🎾 There are three types of volleys — neutral, good, bad. When neutral, stay in start position at net. When good, sneak closer to the net. Even when bad, sneak forward in order to cut off angles as much as possible #damagecontrol. 

🎾 When playing big smashers, don't only lob them. Try luring them closer to net and then lob over them.

🎾 Don’t pick a fight at the net. When attempting to take over the net, don’t get stuck in a volley-to-volley duel.  If you can’t get them to back off the net, accept it, back down and start over again. #patienceisavirtue


Hope I didn’t miss anything…

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Last time I played with Sofia at the  Championships in the Fall. This time, I’ll try paying more attention to her…

This Sunday, I’ll be heading south again but this time for Sportcenter Syd Open in Löddeköpinge. My partner this time around will be none other than Ms. Guns herself Sofia Arvidsson. Her regular partner Anna will be playing with a Spaniard so it will be an exciting Sunday. Will you come by and check it out?




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