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Margins - on the court and in life

In my last blog update, I mentioned how I could retire from the game and go straight to padel heaven. Well, maybe you thought I did retire since I haven’t written in so long, but I was actually kidding if you didn’t get the joke. I’m still at it. There is just too much fun going on in Padel Sweden. So much fun it’s hard having time to keep up with it all, which prompts me to give you a dose of what we could call speed-blogging.


July 24 National Team Trainings at Norrvikens Kust and August 12 Padel Crew  

Enjoyed getting together with the other ladies and coaches. Highlights: walking across the street from Norrviken courts to take an ocean dip in between sessions and sharing these training days with my teenage daughter Alex. Lessons from both days: I need to learn how to understand the vibora and how to position myself and use variation much more effectively.

Skaermavbild 2018 09 18 Kl 090015Landslagsläger i Norrviken utanför Båstad.

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July 27 WPT Båstad

Had a blast sharing this surreal experience with other padel lovers here in Sweden. Cannot wait for the next. Wonder though if we’ll be as lucky with the weather, will there really be a women’s draw next year and how will the ITP affect this event?


August 19 SPT Sane Open in Växjö

As always, Mac Grossman and his trusty crew pulled off another friendly and smoothly run tournament. Ups: winning tourney along side Sofia Arvidsson and feeling the pressure from the upcoming stars Ajla Behram and Matilda Hamlin. Downs: playing against daughter Alex AGAIN in the semis #mentalwarfare 


August 23 AIK Damjunior Match

Daughter Alex injured knee playing a soccer match and lost any chance at a good performance at the Swedish Championships nor any chance at a spot on the National Team Selection for Paraguay. Mission: get her fixed. Goal: play a World Championship together with her one year. Lesson: do not allow her to play soccer #everagain


September 9 Swedish Championships

Happy to win the silver this year with Ebba Stedt although it was a little of a repeat of last year’s championship (even my husband got the bronze again in his category #insync). National Team Coach Dani was witness and said we have most of the tools, but need to know how and when to use them. Respect: to PDL Linköping for making it a very professional (high-quality streaming and commentating) and enjoyable event. Lesson: keep adding tools to the tool box and use the right one at the right time. 

 Skaermavbild 2018 09 18 Kl 090122SM i Linköping blev en repris för Ebba och Antonette.


September 12 National Team Selection 

Found out I get to represent Sweden at the World Championships for the third time. Just the thought was like a shot of adrenaline injected straight into my veins. Every championship is a treat and I’m grateful to be given these chances. This year it’s Paraguay! Not only will I get to travel to a part of the world I have never been to, play tons of padel, compete against top females from all over the world, I will also get to relive the good old days of my high school and college competitions back in the states #teamspirit 


September 14 Lunch with sponsors Business & Sports Club

Great seafood lunch and a simple yet motivational presentation on health and the benefits of keeping active by Maria Stjernqvist. What struck me the most was the mention of margins. I often use this expression on the padel court when nagging at myself and my students. They even like mocking me after they make an unforced error and shout “MARGINS!!!” except in Swedish and with an American accent. #smartassesbutilovethem


After the presentation, I liked this motto even more because Maria pointed out that we need to give ourselves margins in our everyday lives. In my little padel bubble, it could be aiming a bandeja one meter from the fence instead of a couple centimeters, so you can enjoy that never-ending point until the much-deserved finish. 


But more importantly, outside the bubble, it could mean closing your laptop instead of reading the last 10 emails. It could mean winding down for half an hour before going to bed. It could mean leaving a messy kitchen until the next day… Give yourself margins so you still have time and energy to enjoy the things that mean the most to you. #balance


In saying that, instead of writing a couple more paragraphs, I’m going offline. You’ll be hearing from me soon again #vamossweden #asunción 








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