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Ladies’ Padel on the Rise

So, most of you have already gotten the low-down on last weekend. My partner and I lost in the finals of the SPT Ryska Posten. And there’s no denying… I hate losing, but push those feelings aside (and give me a week’s time) and I can say I’m very happy with the weekend.


Girls’ weekend

This weekend was a girls’ weekend for me. I reunited with French friend Kristina and got to be a part of her first visit to Scandinavia. It will be strange not seeing her after our week in Spain and this weekend together so, don’t be surprised if Nox France and Nox Sweden join forces again for another tourney. I also got the chance to see old friend Charlotte aka ultimate Padel Mama elbowing her way around to make sure we were in the right place, at the right time and with our stomachs full.  

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Spectating at Järfälla with my personal padel mama.

Family Time

Again, I got quality time with my daughter, but it was a relief to see her making her own connections and friends so that she doesn’t have to be mom’s third wheel. Because after all, I don’t want her following in my footsteps #h*llno. I want her to trample on them and sprint far past them. The mother in me accepts the fact that this will happen someday and the competitor in me will do everything to make sure this doesn’t happen in the near future. #devilindisguise #elvis

Ladies’ Padel on the Rise

Not only is it exciting to see my own daughter bloom into a padel player, I was also happy to see Mari Andersson and her padel development, although I am eagerly waiting to see her complete “padelization” from tennis and OCRs (obstacle course races) #comeonalready. Anna Åkerberg and Emmie Ekdahl were also on a roll, and hats off to new kids on the block Ajla Behram and Matilda Hamlin. They haven’t been playing for very long, but in my eyes, have come a very long way. In other words, competition is getting tougher. Previously in my blog, I have often wondered where all the other female tennis talents are. Now that question is finally starting to be answered…   


In my 20’s, I was club-hopping and now that I’m in my 40’s, I’m padel club-hopping. Within 24 hours in the Stockholm area, I was able to visit and play at three new facilities — all very nice. For warm-up, we made an obligatory visit to Zlatan’s Padel Zenter — it was very clean and spacious with plenty of room between all courts, fully booked, and had a cool padball court. The bright green courts that matched the club’s interior details had very little sand on them. The first main draw matches were held at Järfälla Padel Club which had a more homely feeling with great attention to small details and blue courts with lots of sand as opposed to Z’s courts. From the second floor, there was a good view overlooking all six courts. 

 Skaermavbild 2018 05 25 Kl 205740Straight from the train station to warm up at Zlatan’s Zenter

The semis and finals were held at a third club, the Catella Arena — home of the Good to Great Tennis Academy. I’m a simple girl and like the idea of being able to play anywhere #justgivemeaballtochase. But this place definitely had the wow factor — from the top-notch furnishings and restaurant #cinnamonrollstodiefor, to the wide open space covering a row of seven tennis courts and three padel courts at the end. Not only did the facility stretch a good length, there was also plenty of room for sky-high padel lobs. Then, there was what I would call the cherry on top #americanslang. Ice cream is good, but even better with toppings, right? #sweettooth The “cherry” was the star treatment we received — from the live-stream, hosts presenting us and commentating during breaks and the tournament director offering us a guided tour of the arena, to the blasting of Beyonce’s “Run the World” during the women’s prize ceremony #girls #nicetouch Can’t forget to mention always informative and entertaining Padelfeber Studio with Håkansson and Johansson that always adds flavor to padel events. I’m not just saying this because they’re my colleagues nor because they both had a positive analysis of my game. Please keep doing what you’re doing guys #justsayin. 


 My Game

What about my game? I’m still trying to learn new things every time I watch, teach, train and/or compete, but I feel things are going in the right direction. My elbow is much better so I’ve been able to pick up on practice hours and it seems to be paying off. This weekend, I did what I could from my corner trying to keep the ball in play while also trying to dare to use new shots — keeping the game simple and turning it up at the right time. So, after this SPT weekend, I feel inspired by the people, the places and the padel, and look forward to more drills and conditioning to sharpen up for  upcoming tournaments especially for the World Championships. But for now, I’m going to do what every other Swede is doing… drop everything and enjoy the sunny weather. 

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The only way for me to get air time on Padelfeber’s Studio with Padel Gurus #videobomb


Happy Friday!






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