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The list of tmoments and people that I’m grateful for

Two days ago, I was in Portugal wearing a tank top and shorts, sitting in the sun and cheering on the men’s team during their match against Great Britain. Today, I’m fully covered with wool socks and sweater while looking out onto a snow-covered backyard in Sweden. I’m not complaining. It’s great to be back home with the family, but what a contrast… 


So, yet another Championship with Team Sweden has passed. It’s been a whirlwind of sweat, nerves, laughs, frustration, disappointment and joy. The Men’s Team took 6th place and the Women’s took 5th place behind Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. The top two countries are, by far, out of our league but the latter two, which we went up against this past week, were very much within our reach. Maybe that’s why I have this bitter taste in my mouth…


It’s no secret as to why we didn’t pull through against these two teams. It could be a combination of things — bad luck with the order/line-up of the team, pressure, lack of key players… but I’m not going to dwell on it too much. Fifth place is, after all, an improvement compared to the Euro Championships 2015 and I am already hungry for revenge in the World Championships 2018, because I know Team Sweden has more to offer.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving which will be celebrated in my other home country this Thursday, here is a list of the Euro Padel 2017 moments and people that I’m grateful for:

🎾 In previous championships, I have always played with the same partner which definitely has it benefits, but it was fun getting the chance to play with some of my other favorites this time around — Anna S #fighterspirittothemax, Mari A #myeurasiansista, Sofia A #akadapowerhouse

🎾 First Round Open Category vs Alba Galan and Mari Carmen Villalba with Mari.  After giving us one game, the Spanish stars included us in their Instagram live story #yesiscreenshotit #fangirling #pathetic #iknow 

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🎾 Match #2 vs FRA together with Sofia. Coach Gabo counted that I made a total of three mistakes during the entire match.

🎾 All the Team Sweden supporters. Thanks to those who made it to Estoril and for all the applauding, screaming, chanting, blue and yellow nails. Thanks to the ones rooting for us from a far — for following us online and all the words of encouragement #heart

🎾 Johan Håkansson’s left arm #hoursandhoursoflivestreaming #saynomore

🎾 Kristoffer Jonzon’s vlog #brilliant

🎾 Team Sweden Manager, Stefan Krüeger. He managed to keep all the daily logistics in line with a big smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. 


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Last evening in Estoril, we hit the casino (for like 2 minutes) with none other than King Krüeger himself. 


🎾 Team Sweden Coaches, Dani Dios and Gabo Laredo. They did an amazing job from the technical advice during practices, tactical advice during matches and boosting morale both off and on court. I am so grateful they were willing to take on us "padel babies" and can’t wait to work with them next year. #imnotworthy There is so much we have learned from them and so many laughs they have given us #bigf*ckingballs but I’ll have to save that for another time. Next up, visit from Camp Padel friend Richard Brooks on Friday and then SPT Masters on Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned!


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Pre-match talk with Head Coach Dani

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 Waiting for Sweden to be called on during Opening Ceremony

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Andreas Beer aka Papa Bear driving the girls around.














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